Written Media Report

Write a short assessment of a news article related to media coverage of terrorism.  The content must be relevant to what we discuss in class or what you read in the text. This article must be different than the one you present in class for the verbal media presentation.

· Write a brief paragraph summarizing the content of the article.

· Write a paragraph giving your reaction to the media coverage of the content based on the course-related principles we discuss in class. This paragraph should include quotes and paraphrases from our text and classroom discussions (including proper APA formatted in-text citations).

· Include a link to each article and an APA-formatted bibliographical entry. Sample entry:

Barstow, D. (2008, April 20). Behind TV analysts, Pentagon’s hidden hand. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/20/us/20generals.html?exprod=permalink (Links to an external site.)

Barnett, B. and Reynolds, A. (2009). Terrorism and the press: An uneasy relationship.  New York: Peter Lang.

· Save the document using your last name and assignment number (e.g. plexico_assignment_1).

· Upload assignment in the online classroom.