Writing Research Paper

This research about ( Propose A Viable Energy Mix for the Future ) and its  minimum of 8 pages. All the instructions in the document. 

Propose A Viable Energy Mix for the Future

Recommend a Responsible and Viable Energy Policy You Feel Should be Adopted in the USA (Sustainable as Possible) (Compare 2018 or 2019 Actual Usage With Target Years 2029, 2039, 2049) (64 Points Possible; 16% of Total Grade This Semester)

First; Identify/Estimate the Current Energy % Usage Mix by Category (Fossil Fuels by Type, Nuclear, Solar, Hydroelectric, Wind, Geothermal, Others) for the USA in 2018 or 2019 (MS Word Table or Pie Chart Graphics Mandatory) (8 points) (12.5%) (This is NOT just for electricity generation; consider cars, planes, ships, trucks, and trains that mostly do not use electricity to operate)

Next; Determine the Optimal Future Energy % Usage Mix by Category (Fossil Fuels by Type, Nuclear, Solar, Hydroelectric, Wind, Others) for the USA in Years 2029, 2039, and 2049 (MS Word Table or Pie Chart Graphics Mandatory) (The Mix Must be Feasible; 100% of Any One Source is NOT Feasible/Realistic) (14 points) (21.9%)

Finally; Provide Rationale Why We Should Increase the Reliance Upon Some Types of Energy and Decrease Reliance Upon Other Types of Energy in the Next 30 Years (Discuss Pros & Cons; Consider Economic Efficiency and Environmental Impact of Each Source); Address Both Economic (18 points) (28.1%) and Environmental Factors (12 points) (18.8%) Influencing Your Predicted Mix; Provide Back Up/Comparison Statistics to Support Your Energy Mix Proposal: Cost of Generation per KWh in 2019 vs 2049; Dealing With the Intermittency Issues of Solar and Wind; Job Benefits of Each Source; Green House Gas Emissions Per Source During Electricity Generation; Hidden Emissions Related to Toxic Mining of Rare Earth Metals, and Disposal of Solar Panels and Electric Car Batteries

Identify Changes Required by Corporate America in the Future (3 points) (4.7%)

Identify Changes Required by American Consumers in the Future (3 points) (4.7%)

Identify the Role the Government Should Play to Optimize the Future Mix

Should Existing Energy Related Regulations be Changed or New Regulations Introduced? Which Regulations and to Do What? (3 points) (4.7%)

Should United States Government Subsidies be Given to Assist Development of New Energy Sources? Should Subsidies be Given Only to US Based Firms? (3 points) (4.7%)


Specifications for Your Individual Paper

Use New Times Roman Font, 12 Point, Double Spaced

The Requirement for This Paper is 8 Pages, With a Maximum of 14 Pages Accepted (Papers Less than 8 Pages Will Lose Points)

The Length of the Paper Will Not be Considered in Grading; Only Content Will be Graded – I Won’t Grade Anything After Page 14 (Graphics, Tables and Bibliography Not Part of Page Count)

The Paper Will be Stapled in the Upper Left Hand Corner

Each Page Will be Numbered at the Bottom of Each Page

A Cover Page is Not Required; Please Don’t Use One

Identify Sources/References With a Bibliography at the End of the Paper; the Bibliography Will Not Count As Part of Your Page Count; Use the APA Method to Cite References

Turnitin Software Will be Used to Review Your Papers; Please Use the Software Before Final Paper Submission (Similarity Below 25%!)