Writing Exercise.

Sr. Regional Director State Corridors – Writing Exercise.

Dear Candidate:

As part of the screening process for the Senior Regional Director State Corridors we would like you to complete the following writing exercise.  This writing exercise should be from the perspective that you have received this letter while sitting in the role of Senior Regional Director State Corridors.

Please review the details below and compose an email to the sender.

Once completed please forward the writing sample back to me within 48 hours at Victoria.boney@amtrak.com.  If you have any questions regarding this please don’t hesitate to contact me by my email above or phone @ 678-974-7400.

**All names and criteria are fiction and used only as part of this exercise.

Thank you

Vikki Boney

Executive Talent Acquisition Team

Set up:

You receive this letter from a customer who rides the train in the state of “Metrocity”. He is concerned about a recent schedule change to the service; primarily the less frequent stops along the “Stoneridge” train line he rides every day.

Please complete a business letter back to Mr. Smith addressing his concerns.

Amtrak National Rail Passenger Service

Dear Sir,

I am writing you to inquire about a about the recent schedule change to the Amtrak Stoneridge train service.  I understand that the schedule change was a result of budget constraints, thus having to reduce your services between Countryside and Metrocity. While I realize funding is tight and a reduction in the mid-morning service from Countryside may have been inevitable, it is most unfortunate that the new route now runs an hour earlier and no longer stops at Township, which is a highly populated suburb with commuters to Metrocity daily. Although subsequent later trains stop in Township, there is now nearly a 3 hour gap in Amtrak service in the mid-morning, which seems counterproductive to increasing ridership and decreasing roadway congestion in the Metrocity region.  

The Township station is one of most heavily used transit nodes in the greater Metrocity area, and is accessible by a short walk to more parking than any almost other station that Amtrak serves.  Therefore, I am requesting that the extra Township stop for be restored as soon as possible.  It will be good for Amtrak, good for the people who ride Amtrak, and good for everyone who loves cleaner air and better environment.


Joe Smith

President, Metrocity Division

MoneyBank Corporation