Write A Journal

I need five hours observation detail for any age group( child, adolescence, adulthood) on their physical development according to template and detail i have attached.

FS 1513 Journal Submission I Template Name Type your name here Age range Indicate the approximate ages here Place Indicate where you observed here Subject’s gender Click here to enter text. Date Click here to enter a date. Session Time Click here to enter text. Click here to enter text. General Comments Beginning End Provide brief description of the setting Hours Indicate the HOURS reported for THIS OBSERVATION Indicate the TOTAL hours for the SEMESTER you have OBSERVED This Session Cumulative Anything less than 1 hour will not be counted Domain Physical Development ALL observations should be related to physical development and related theories Anecdotal Notes (Summary of the events you observed, or what happened) Click here to enter text. This part should: Provide information that is easy to understand (coherent) Provide information enough detail to illustrate development within the indicated domain Focus on a specific event or behavior Be written objectively (i.e., avoid judgments and subjective interpretations) Application: What is illustrated, or demonstrated, by these events based on topic presented in class and/or the book? Click here to enter text. This part should: Identify at least 2 – 3 developmental traits and/or abilities that were observed Identify and use at least 2 – 3 theories to explain what was observed Accurately interpret the developmental traits and/or abilities using the selected theories Be fully supported by observation notes above. Reaction/Learning (What you learned) Click here to enter text. Responses should: Demonstrate awareness of the assumptions that you are making as you observe and interpret the information Demonstrate critical thinking about what you observed and the theories that you applied Provide some insight about the behaviors that were observed Indicate how what was learned can be applied in your personal and (hopefully) professional life.