PCN-610 Topic 1: State’s Rules Review Worksheet

Complete the table below by reviewing the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners website, in addition to the state in which you plan to practice. With your licensure goal in mind, find the state code numbers for the rules and regulations related to documentation from both states.

In addition, from the ACA Code of Ethics website, cite two multicultural ethical codes, two dual relationship codes, and their importance to treatment planning. Be sure to properly cite all sources used as reference notes in the references section below.

Rule/Regulation Arizona’s State Code # Practice State Code # Importance to Treatment Planning
Consent for Treatment      
Treatment Plan      
Client Record      
Financial and Billing Records      
ACA Code of Ethics
Multicultural Ethical Rule 1      
Multicultural Ethical Rule 2      
Dual Relationship Rule 1      
Dual Relationship Rule 2      




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