Women 6a

Adolescence: Sexuality

Female adolescent sexuality has long been a cause of concern for parents. In the United States, female adolescents are given a mix of messages. On one hand, they see media stars their age expressing their sexuality by wearing skimpy clothing and acting provocatively. On the other hand, parents may discourage their developing sexuality and want them to stay young and protected. Each culture defines its own acceptable norms in dealing with how sexuality is appropriately expressed. For example, some cultures accept dating and premarital sex as a part of normal courtship, while others do not allow men and women to socialize in public at all and female premarital sex is considered wholly unacceptable.

For this Discussion, review the week’s Learning Resources and select a specific culture that is represented in your state (or region/country, if you do not live in the United States). Examine the social and behavioral norms of adolescent female sexuality within your chosen subculture. Consider the implications of such norms when developing a teen pregnancy program and how you might accommodate them.

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 4 a description of the culture you selected and a brief overview of their norms regarding adolescent female sexuality. Explain how these norms might influence the development and implementation of a teenage pregnancy program for this cultural group. Finally, explain strategies you might use to accommodate these considerations. Be specific and use the Learning Resources and other current literature to support your response. Cite your references using APA format.