Wk 10 Discussion

The Capstone

The focus of this week is to reflect on and evaluate your Capstone Project experience and how it has helped you to become a scholar-practitioner committed to fostering positive social change.

To prepare:

  • Reflect on your experiences with the Capstone Project including but not limited to the following questions:
    • What aspects of the Capstone Project and course have helped you to become more of a scholar-practitioner?
    • How have the program and project forwarded your contribution to positive social change?
    • What aspects of the experience were less beneficial in these regards?
  • What would you recommend to future students in the Capstone experience?
    • Think about your commitment to fostering social change.
  • Consider how participating in and completing the Capstone Project have contributed to your overall sense of yourself as a scholar-practitioner and as someone who fosters positive social change.

With this in mind:

Post by Day 4 a brief synopsis of your Capstone Project and a brief summary of your reflections on the Capstone Project experience.