Whole Foods Market Project

Project Description:

Whole Foods Market (WFM) management has employed you as a Management Consultant and asked you to prepare a report to the company senior executives. The senior executives would like to know:

1. How well is company doing? (Note: You need to have financial and growth numbers/charts to back up your conclusion. Assess company’s performance over years, and assess company’s performs against the major competitors and industry averages.)

1. Recommend one strategy that will increase company’s competitiveness (Note: You need to perform some analysis to back up your recommendation.)

1. How can the company expand its global operations? (Note: such operations may include utilizing global supply chain and/or exploring global markets.)

1. What the potential ethical problems the company may face and how the company should address them? (Note: You should focus on one particular issue and give an in-depth discussion.)

If you are not familiar with the company, your textbook has a case that contains some basic information about the company. However, you need to gather more information about the company to bring the information up to date and acquire new information if necessary.

Through this project, you are required to demonstrate the following:

1. Ability to perform basic data analytics and use Microsoft Excel to process, analyze, and present the data efficiently and effectively;

1. Ability to evaluate information and apply business concepts and theories in making business decisions;

1. Ability to identify and evaluate ethical issues and concerns;

1. Ability to suggest policies, measures, and solutions to address ethical issues and concerns;

1. Ability to identify and critically explain the factors that create differences between domestic and global business;

1. Ability to able to develop strategies for global business operations.

1. Ability to write effectively with intended readers;

Other Instructions:

1. Your report is limited to seven page, excluding cover page, references, and appendix.

1. Your report should include an assortment of charts, tables, and exhibits to support your analysis and recommendations. You must embed such charts, tables, and exhibits into main text with labels.

1. If you use internet or other sources to enrich your report, please cite the source properly.

1. This is individual assignment. There will be absolutely no collaborations among you and your fellow students.

1. Design a (professional-looking) cover page to include your name and course number/title/section, and semester.