Who Pays

Fantasy football wasting time.

To the tune of $17 BILLION of wasted productivity!!!!!!!!

YES I SAID 17 BILLION!!! With a B.

Are you shocked? I bet you are. I always knew it was a huge work time waster but I hadn’t looked at stats for this fact for a few years ago until now. It took me a few minutes to digest.

Now I get many companies use it as a way to build employee community and bond but come on…can companies REALLY afford this?

If you are the one in charge how you would proceed knowing you could lose so much time and productivity and MONEY?

That total eclipses the amount of total revenue the NFL took in last year—which was a mere $13 billion or so.

This so does not make sense to me but who am I.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s Who Really Pays the Cost of Fantasy Football

Causing $17 billion in lost productivity each year, is this pastime worth it?