What Do You Think Is The Central/Primary Purpose Of The Nineteen Eighty-Four?

5 pages full pages (12 point font, Times New Roman, one inch margins)

If you have less than five pages full pages, your essay may not earn a passing grade

You must include a Work Cited page. This does not count as one of your five pages.

Use a scholarly article or book as support. 

Format: MLA—see your handbook


Please consult the Elements of Literature website under Week Three for review.

Be sure you fully understand the elements before writing.  

Here is what to do:  

Write a five page essay with a thesis that considers the following: What do you think is the central/primary purpose of the Nineteen Eighty-Four?  Why did Orwell create this world for us? What does it mean? What is it trying to communicate? How does the ending as well as the Afterward reveal what the text is attempting to do?  As you examine the central or primary purpose, please use at least one element of literature: 1) plot 2) character 3) setting 4) point of view 5) theme and 6) symbolism, allegory, image.  you may find that you will use more than one element. 

In addition, You should also bring in one outside source form the library or EBSCOhost. The source should be scholarly or peer reviewed. 

As part of your analysis, you should quote from the text extensively.  However, the key to a successful essay will be choosing the right quotes to support your particular argument and analyzing the quotes so that your readers understand how the quotes contribute to the proving of your argument.  Knowing the elements of fiction can help you to write effectively about a work of fiction.  Use at least one element—you may use more than one—to help you focus your paper and the argument you are making about the text.  This paper must be argumentative not explanatory.  Do not simply retell the story you read. I want you to analyze what you read while forming an argument about your interpretation of the text.  While there may be a spectrum of interpretation, you must ground your interpretation with evidence from the text.  This is an exercise in close reading and applying outside research to your close reading. Even though you will assert your point of view, you did not need to use the first person. Since you are the writer of the essay, we will know these are your options. Remember–a thesis is an opinion not a fact.

A Note:  Nineteen Eighty-Four is taught in many classrooms, and because of this, there are many websites that discuss the novel. In addition, there are websites that allow you to buy essays about the book. I am not interested in reading this material. I want to know what YOU think. I want to see YOUR analytical skills at work in this close reading essay.  Please read the note about plagiarism in the syllabus.  


Literary types such as fiction, drama, poetry, film, and short stories have in common various elements. These include, but are not limited to:

• Plot

• Character

• Setting

• Theme

• Structure

• Point of view

• Conflict

• Diction

• Literary techniques: alliteration, foreshadowing, metaphor, symbolism, etc.