Complete the readings and the videos for this week. Referring both to the Eveleth article and the video that interviews Michael Eisen, explain why you think open access journals (in science or other disciplines) is or is not a good idea. No matter which side you support, be sure to address the arguments from your opposition as well. You will not be able to see other student posts this week until after you post your own.

This weeks readings:


Blog Post: Hoffman, S.(26 June, 2014). Open source vs. open access (vs. free).

Eveleth, R. (22 December, 2014). Free access to science research doesn’t benefit everyone.

Review the following sites:

The Directory of Open Access Journals:  (This site has many different subjects including education, business, science, humanities)

Public Library of Science:

Open Library of Humanities:

Hybrid Pedagogy (Education):  (Not included in above sites)