Week 4: Paper 2 – Discourse Communities, Part 2

 Choose two discourse communities that you belong to using the worksheet from last week. The second half of Paper 2 (which you will write this week) should illustrate how they fulfill the characteristics of discourse communities. For each community, you should specifically address each of the six characteristics and give examples. Use the information from the worksheet from last week to help you. Minimum 600 words.

  • Turn in last week’s summary along with this newly written section to make a complete paper of at least 900 words. Make sure it has an introduction, a conclusion, and a thesis (which you may have to add). Also make sure that any references to the Swales article or other sources are cited correctly in your citation format, both in the body of your paper and at the end. Incorporate feedback you have received on the section you wrote last week. 
  • Textbook: In Conversation: Section G (Genre design gallery)
  • Textbook: In Conversation: Section 11 (Writing a thesis)
  • Textbook: In Conversation: Section 1.4 (Working with other writers, including peer review)
  • Resource: Writing Spaces: “Navigating Genre
  • Video: Discourse Communities
    • View the supplementary video I made on the Swales article.

Supplemental Resources