Week 4 Assignment

This assignment is based on writing a grant application for seniors, the forgotten population.

3. What will be accomplished by the end of the project period? What activities will be completed to achieve the project’s objectives? In the fields below, outline:

• Objectives: What do you want to accomplish during this grant? Ensure your objectives are specific, realistic, attainable, and measurable. List up to three:

• Activities: What are you going to do to achieve your objectives? List up to three per objective.

• Timeline: Indicate the start and end date, within the grant period, of each activity.

4. What outcomes do you expect to achieve by the end of the grant period?

Surname 1



Grants for Senior Centers

Ms. Tiffany Donelson

Chief Executive Officer

Connecticut Health Foundation

100 Pearl Street

Hartford, CT 06103


Dear Ms. Donelson,

The Forgotten Population Organization is delighted to allot this proposition for your consideration. Our organization wishes to collaborate with you to provide a healthcare intervention program for older people with health challenges related to old age called ‘Keeping Healthy!’ The Forgotten Population organization has over 200 members at risk of chronic diseases that adversely affect their lives and reduce their productivity. Keeping Healthy intends to provide a safe environment and support the needs of older members of the organization with deteriorated health through active practice and training to improve their health and general well-being. The organization was established in 2006 and has been in operation ever since. Our organization has qualified graduate staff that is committed to implementing the program. The organization qualifies for the grant since it falls under the programs that your foundation funds (“Seeking a Grant”). The program is a social service program thus is eligible.

A pilot Keeping Healthy Program has been facilitated for the year with 50 members of the center, and we have noticed a tremendous improvement in health for most of them. The Keeping Healthy Program provides staff with access to exercise equipment and a favorable environment for members to improve and maintain their health.

We have experienced measurable success, and we seek to expand the Keeping Healthy Program to address every older person at risk in organization. Our proposal requests $20000 in funding to purchase gym equipment, open-space, and software essential to equip the Forgotten Population to improve members’ health.

The program will be evaluated based on the outcomes. A formative evaluation will be conducted during the plan’s operational stage (Kettner et al., 167). Data will be collected to assist in improving the diverse components of the program. Future funds will be obtained from angel donors and services provided to other society members by the center.

We acknowledge the Connecticut Health Foundation’s interest in assisting our older adults in improving their health and quality of life. Please contact us at 703-666-1414-101 if you need additional information regarding this proposal.


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