Week 4 Assignment

Please see the attached assignment, which is due on 10 March 2019. Please read carefully before you accept responsibility.   

W4 Discussion “47 processes”

Certificate in Project Management Capstone

47 processes

How are you doing with memorizing the 10 knowledge areas and 47 processes?

What tricks are you using to memorize the processes by process group?

What tricks noted by your colleagues might you adopt?

W4 Assignment “Explore & Report on PMP Requirements”

Certificate in Project Management Capstone

Explore & Report on PMP Requirements

This assignment will require you to do outside research on the PMP certification process. Go to the Project Management Institute website at: www.pmi.org.

Write a 2 page paper.  In your paper include a section on each of the following:

· Various certification programs available through PMI

· How to join PMI

· Professional development opportunities at PMI

· Tools & Templates to assist your learning

· Requirements to sit for the PMP exam

Include a cover sheet and 2-3 references.  References should be obtained through the Grantham University online library.  You may use online references for this assignment (not Wikipedia). Please adhere to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th ed., 2nd printing when writing and submitting assignments and papers