Week 3.2 Discussion Response

Write a response to each discussion post.

Guerrier 3.2

One area of expansion I’ve thought about for Christian Heritage Foster Care is getting into visitation and family support work. Visitation and family support work is hard to staff, as biological parents could cancel visits and family support work appointments. When they cancel, the worker does not get pain typically because the organization cannot bill the state or lead agency for this service. If Christian Heritage added these services, and combined it with a foster care specialist, they could do the work and if there was a cancelation the foster care specialist/visitation worker/family support worker could do their foster care responsibilities instead at that time.

This would also potentially allow the child to have less professionals in their life as one worker could be their foster care specialist and visitation worker. If this worker was also the family support worker, it could also help reinforce the team approach of coming around a family to assist in reunification instead of having an appearance of rivalry.

Lowe 3.2

           CADA provides a lot of services but an area of potential expansion would be affordable child care. The head start/ early head start provide a place for children during the day but some parents work in the evenings at places like McDonalds and Perdue. They are unable to get hours in the evening if they are unable to find affordable childcare services for their children. Affordable childcare can hinder a person who is looking for employment if they have young children. What is meant by affordable is that if a person is making $7.25/ hr. and they have to pay $6/hr. for childcare, it is not affordable to them and it doesn’t benefit them going through the trouble trying to get hours in the afternoon most of their paycheck is going to childcare. Affordable child care is needed.