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Aaron 3.1

The nonprofit organization I will be using throughout this is course is here at Bellevue University since this is where I am currently employed. As we know Bellevue University is a postsecondary nonprofit organization whose target audience is working adults. Bellevue University also targets a lot of military personnel, athletes, as well as starting to really target seniors that have just graduated from high school.

Bellevue University provides the service of furthering ones educational goals. The university also offers sport scholarship opportunities for our on-campus students. Bellevue University is classified as a 501(c)(3) organization. Please see the link for the website below.

Lowe 3.1

           C.A.D.A (Choanoke Area Development Association of NC, Inc.) is a local nonprofit organization that services the needs of low income people which included disabled individuals, elderly individuals, families and individuals—basically anyone who has low income or no income. CADA services Northampton, Halifax, Bertie, Herford and Martin County in North Carolina. Although they service disabled individuals and the elderly they mostly provide services for low income families. They provide a lot of services and are a big resource for these five counties.

           Some of the programs they provide are; weatherization (This ensures the homes are in livable condition, have a heat source for the winter and a cooling source for the summer.), energy assistance (This helps struggling families/ individuals with light bills.), self-sufficiency program (This helps citizens become self-sufficient by providing job training, access to GED classes, etc.), tax program (They offer free tax filing for low income citizens.), head start/ early head start (This provides a “jump” start on children’s education.), homeownership programs (this is to assist low income families with the knowledge and skills along with resources needed to buy a home.), housing choice (This is something like section 8 but is PHA.), employment (job training and job placement.), emergency assistance (This is part of the energy share program and the food & shelter program.), foreclosure prevention (Helps prevent foreclosure.) and parenting programs (This is to educate parents on a child’s development.) (CADA, 2017).