Week 2 Discussions


Spell and Grammar Check

APA 6th Rules

Cite work to support Opinions

Week 2 Discussion – Wal-Mart and JIT

Research Wal-Mart (you may want to start at Wal-Mart’s website) and their use of JIT.

Explain how Wal-Mart employs JIT throughout their stores. How does the use of JIT affect the vendors for Wal-Mart?

In your opinion, do you find that Wal-Mart’s use of JIT as a management tool is a good business practice, or does it cross the line ethically with its vendors? Summarize your findings and share your impressions in the discussion board.


Text: Managerial Accounting Author: Crosson and Needles Publisher: South-Western; Cengage Learning Ed/Year: 10th Edition; 2014 ISBN: 978-1-133-94059-3