Week 2.3 Article Review 2

Week 2.3 Article Review

In nonprofit organizations, leadership is critical for sustainable funding. The reputation of the organization, and often of the Executive Director can make a difference in the level of funding received. 

Find a professional article about either Board of Director responsibilities or Executive Director responsibilities in a human services organization in the United States. Review this article, considering possible areas of potential conflict and collaboration, as well as roles regarding sustainable funding. 

(Use the article review template attached )


Use this format as a template for structuring Article Reviews.

Use the categories in this template as subheadings in your Article Review.

Include a reference list at the end of the article review for other works cited. All references and citations will be double spaced. However, you may single or double space the sections of the review.

Submit the assignment as MS Word document attachment to the appropriate Article Review Discussion Board or Assignment link.

Respond and comment to a minimum of 2 other article reviews.

Article Reference (10pts)

Select a scholarly article from a scholarly source. Begin the review with the article reference – formatted in APA – as in the example below:

Martins, L., Eddleston, K.A., & Veiga, J. F. (2002). Moderators of the relationship between work-family conflict and career satisfaction. Academy of Management Journal, 45(2), 399-409.

Summary (20pts)

The article should be summarized (in your own words) in 2-3 paragraphs, focusing on the author’s main points.What was the purpose of the study? Describe the theoretical model or framework used in the article. Review readings, videos, and other resources on how to understand the organizational sciences literature. Define terms and concepts. Describe the methodology. Was the study conducted using quantitative or qualitative methods? Who participated in the study? Were there any significant findings?

Critique (20pts)

In 2-3 paragraphs, explain how this article impacted your understanding of the research topic. Did this article reinforce or contradict the readings and discussion you have been exposed to thus far on this topic? Be specific and cite additional sources such as course texts and articles. Include references of the additional sources at the end of the article review.

Application (30pts)

In 2-3 paragraphs, discuss how you will apply what you have learned from the article. How will information from the article change the way you approach a situation, project, or discussion related to this topic at work? Be specific.

APA Formatting (10pts)

Use proper APA formatting for references and citations. Include a reference list at the end of the review for any other works cited.

Scholarly Dialog (10pts)

Provide responses for at least 2 colleague posts. Responses should include developmental feedback, additional information, or follow up questions.