Criteria for answers:

1) Direct reference to the chapter’s laws/regulations (Employment Laws, Case Law, Statutes) 

2) Direct reference to the chapter’s concepts (discrimination, ethics, social responsibility) 

3) Quotes from the text. 

4) Personal opinions based on an analysis of the above. 5) Each answer should be a paragraph (or a minimum of 5-7 sentences long) 


1.  Read this week’s ethical dilemma. What would you do? PG259

2. Describe indirect financial compensation. Why is this an important tool for attracting and retaining talent? 

3. What is the difference between mandated and discretionary benefits? 

4. Explain the pros and cons of PTO (paid time off) 

5. Pick a benefit that staff enjoy at your organization. Describe how it works and why employees appreciate having this benefit. If you’re not currently working – ask a friend or family member. 

6. Name some of the things that employees say make a job more satisfactory or interesting. 

7. (Links to an external site.)

Discuss SAS’s work/life program.

Could you be happy working for them?

8. Discuss some of the creative work/life balance options and tools which companies use to retain staff.