Week 11.1

Post to Discussion Board 11.1

One of the financial goals of most nonprofits is to have a financial “cushion”.  This is often in the form of an endowment.  An endowment is money that is set aside and the interest income is used for the organization’s projects.  As many of you probably know, interest income is not a big source at this time, even if there is a significant amount of money.  However, having some funds to fall back can be a huge asset.  Endowment funds are usually made up of funds from individual donors, and may include legacy funds.  Read the chapters in the Klein book, as well as the document about legacy in the resources.  Think about the time and resources required to establish and gather these funds.  Would having a significant endowment impact the willingness of funders to award grants?  Post to the Discussion Board.  


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