Week 10.3 Paper

Assignment 10.3  Paper

Events are one of the most common fundraising strategies.  This can include dinners, conferences, golf outings, walk-a-thons, auctions, recognition events, etc.  While the goal of an event is definitely financial, hopefully drawing new volunteers and donors, it is also about generating publicity and visibility.  Events are costly to host, and sometimes lose money.  Using the organization you identified earlier, consider an event they may have already hosted or are planning, or if you’re not aware of one, do some research and consider ideas for one.  Think about the pros and cons, Return on Investment or Opportunity Cost, and the appropriateness for your organization.  As you consider the appropriateness, think about the fit with your mission.  For instance, if your organization is working on childhood obesity, maybe your fundraiser shouldn’t be selling candy bars.  Is it ok for an organization treating substance abusers to have Budweiser sponsor an event?   Submit a 4-6 page paper, including a minimum of three sources, in APA format.  Grading rubric provided. 

Follow the rubric attached