Week 1 Discussion Man Econ And Mark Man

Week 1 Discussion – Managerial Economics

In managerial economics we apply a disciplined approach to analyzing problems in order to maximize profits. Is there a difference in this methodology when comparing a traditional production firm with a service-oriented company? For instance, what would the methodology be for comparing a large manufacturer with a large medical practice? Specifically detail your view.


APA 6th

Title: Managerial Economics         Author: Christopher R. Thomas & S. Charles Maurice Publisher: McGraw Hill Ed/Year: 11/2013 ISBN-13: 9780078021718

Week 1 Discussion – Mission Impossible? Marketing Management

Have you ever been involved in developing a mission statement for a company? If you have, you may recall agonizing over every word, how long the mission should be and what message you want to convey. Often, countless days and hours are spent on preparing the “perfect” mission statement or is it?

You might be surprised to discover that for every ten mission statements you read you might uncover one good mission that clearly articulates the purpose of a company.

For this discussion, post a mission statement of your choice. Clearly identify the company, list the mission statement and explain if you feel this mission statement is a good representation of the company and exemplifies the key traits of their business. If not, explain how you would improve it. Be sure to clearly support your position.


APA 6th

Text: Marketing Author: Kerin, R., Hartley, S., & Rudelius, W. Publisher: McGraw Hill-Irwin Edition/Year: 11th Edition ISBN-13: 978-0-07-802889-2

Use any other reference to cite

The ones listed are in the course but others may be used.

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