Use either Microsoft Word or Google Doc to write an essay of no more than one page about “Good Teaching.” Use the list provided in class (also on Blackboard under Projects/ Data Files.) as a guideline to write about your PERSONAL perception on Good Teaching. You may choose one or more items on the list but MUST elaborate them so that a specific action may be taken based on your essay. Title the essay as GOOD TEACHING.

Your suggestions about “Good Teaching.”

Ability to help student understand the materials, step by step.

Clarity of assignments, step by step.

Ability to answer questions effectively.

Teaching in a clear and precise way and in a simple way.

Update grades monthly.

Establish deadline early.

Be patients (genuine care) with students, connect with students, listen to students, and passionate about the


Be specific about teaching and give valuable lectures.

Be flexible.

Create opportunity to understand the materials.

Good communications with students.

Provide good and some challenging examples with different ways.

Be more available to students, even one-on-one.

Being comedic/upbeat/interacting with the class.

Have a sense of humor and not stubborn.

Don’t move on until the materials presented were understood.

Hands on learning (active engagement) and apply to real life.

Provide study guides for tests.

Make subjects interesting.

Ability to hold constant attention of the room.

Care about students.

Teach students to understand, not memorize things.

Using tools to teach concepts.

Give life lessons, in addition to course subjects.

Adopt different classroom structures to students with different learning levels.