Untest Assignment HIST 1301


This is an open note/material/resource assignment. You may discuss all you want about the history under discussion through participation activities, but this assignment is to be your own original work. All unit Untests will utilize the following format. See the “Untest Helpful Hints” document for an example untest.


To prepare for the untest, we suggest the following:

· Participate in the Connections Discussion and History Jam

· Pay attention to the Guiding Questions and Geographical Awareness information in each lesson; make sure that you have a good understanding of the importance of each before leaving a lesson

· Take notes and write up IDs as you cover each lesson. As you make connections going through the materials, jot those down as well.

· Be sure to review Unit 0 skills before completing.


PART I. KEY IDs – 10 points each

In this section, you must create 3 IDS for the untest. IDs are key people, places, events, or concepts (so “George Washington” or “trickle-down economics” for example).

For each ID you will provide a sample answer (explaining the who/what, where, when, and why it is important). After providing your ID and sample answer, you will then need to explain why you chose this ID for the list, what makes it so key that it should appear on your imaginary test?


II. CONNECTIONS – 20 points

This is a critical thinking exercise. You have an example in Unit 0 and there is a “Connections Discussion” in each substantive unit.

A connection is just that, an explanation of how two or more historical facts fit together. It contains the facts in addition to your analysis/explanation with evidence.

For this part of the Untest, you are to make ONE connection from the time period covered in the unit. The facts should be different facts (not two sides of an issue, battle, debate, etc.) that may not seemingly be connected, but are. List the two historical facts and then explain the connection.


III. Geographic Connections – 20 points

A geographic connection is similar to the connection above, except that at least one of the facts is related to geography, climate, or environment. (Remember the discussion of how geography and history are related in Unit 0). You need to make 1 geographic connection using the same formatting as above.


V. Overall Takeaway – 20 points

This is an “un-essay.” Instead of giving you a prompt and having you write a full-length essay, I want you to sit back and think about the unit as a whole. What are your three key takeaways (these are the most important overall themes in the history covered in the unit – they may span more than one lesson or period). How would you explain these most important “big picture” concepts of American history? How would you explain this in a paragraph (think of this as a two-minute elevator speech on US History to someone who knows nothing about the subject).

Note that your paragraph (which should be 200-250 words) should follow rule of three formatting and contain a thesis statement as the first sentence. This is followed by your description of the first key takeaway, its importance, and your detailed supporting evidence. Continue this pattern with the second and third key points from the thesis statement and then have a one sentence conclusion.

Review the Rule of Three information in Unit 0 before completing.