Two Speech Drafts

 I need two speech drafts for two  speeches.  Please give it to me in words, no recording. I need to read it word by word. So please image you are making speech  and write down down all you want to say.  

1.  Informative Introduction Audience Speech 

This assignment enables you to practice introducing a speech. Use the topic you selected in Lesson 3 to develop an introduction only using the five objectives discussed in Chapter 10. You do not need to work on the body or conclusion. Include and cite at least one source as you develop the introduction. The introduction should be between 2 and 3 minutes in length. You may select any topic for this speech.

  1. Purpose of assignment: You will increase your skills in introducing a speech and demonstrate extemporaneous delivery.
  2. Purpose of the speech: You will deliver an introduction to a speech.
  3. Any special requirements: Your introduction must include all five elements of speech introduction.
  4. Speech delivery: You must use proper oral language in a public speech.
  5. Level of research: You should cite one source you used for this introduction.
  6. Time limits: You must deliver a 2-3-minute speech introduction.
  7. Additional work, outline, self-evaluation, etc.: none.


First, watch the Ted Talk by .

Next, review the delivery focus area for this lesson, which is included in the Instruction section.

Finally, record a 1- to 2-minute video eJournal in Wistia to reflect on the information in this lesson. Include the following in your eJournal:

  • Provide one brief opinion, impression, or fact you found interesting, or something you did not like about the Ted Talk.
  • Answer the question: How does this Ted Talk relate to Lesson 4 and Chapters 9 and 10? You must use key terms from the textbook in order to receive credit for the Video eJournal.
  • Reflect on how you will incorporate this information into your own life.
  • Specific to this lesson: How does this lesson’s Ted Talk on storytelling relate to this lesson’s content on organizing an introduction, body, and conclusion?
  • Delivery Focus Area: Your instructor will be evaluating you specifically on the following criteria:
    • Rate and Pace: See Lesson 1 for specific details.
    • Posture: See Lesson 2 for specific details.
    • Pitch and Inflection: See Lesson 3 for specific details.
    • Articulation and Pronunciation: Remember that no matter how well-planned, how well- outlined, and how well-written your message is, if your audience can’t understand you , you will not be able to persuade or inform anyone.