Two Disscusions

 Each discussion requir 300+words.  and need to include a word count at the end of the posting.  WORD COUNTS ARE FOR CONTENT, NOT INCLUDING GREETINGS, CLOSINGS, AND THE “WORD COUNT” ITSELF.  


Reading: Jandt, Chapter Five

Negotiations across cultures are always challenging. It is even more challenging when negotiators from low-context cultures negotiate with negotiators from high-context cultures. In your initial posting, describe the main differences in the negotiation styles of U.S. and Japanese negotiators. In doing so, please be sure to use the research conducted by the U.S. Institute for Peace, as well as the studies reported by Solomon and Quinney, Kinhide, and Cohen.The discuss with at least one other class member in your response posting.

2)  Reading: Jandt, Chapter Six

In explaining aggression, Jandt talks about traits. Why are traits so important? Why do you think communication traits are critical to understanding aggression and conflict?