Turnitin Report And Make Chnages If Necessary

The phrase “let the buyer beware” the customers need to be careful during the purchase of any products and services. The ethical marketing can be defined as a procedure where the business organizations market their products and services. This process has to perform not only concentrating on how their products are beneficial to the customers but also how they socially accountable. It can be treated as philosophy but not as a strategy (Kumar & Mokhtar, 2016). Because this process confirms that their advertisements are more reliable and honesty to build a proper relationship with the customers through a standard set of ethics. It is necessary for each and every business people to maintain an ethical marketing structure. Marketing is importantly an ethical which is aimed to satisfy the consumer’s requirements and increase their freedom and causal to their individual and social performance. It is essential for the consumers as it provides a positive ethical standard of the business’s products and services. It will alert the customers if any mismatches and unbalanced behavior of the suppliers and other relevant resources.

The ethical factor of the businesses will also impact the product variation and innovation it will not only consists of instructions and honesty. The area of marketing must be ethical in terms of business operations at least at the time of promotion. One of the potential value of the business is to supply and deliver the products and services by reaching the customer’s expectations and satisfying them. The product brand awareness of the ethical issues will occur during the advertising time. Most of the customers will seek information to get an informed choice (Alshurideh, Kurdi, Vij, Obeidat, & Naser, 2016). The customers must aware of the quality and price of the products. They should have knowledge of identifying the price variations in the market. The customer must have full freedom to choose the products and services where it will be based on ethical advertisements. Influencing the customer’s emotions to make decisions and to protect agreement is one of the parts of social communication. They will try to attract customers by influencing their feelings and offers or highlighting their power to satisfy the customer’s requirements. All these factors must be known to each and every customer before ordering and purchasing the products and services.


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