HIST147 Video Assignment – We Shall Remain: Trail of Tears (10 points)

Due: April 20 by 11:59pm (post response to Canvas)



Students should watch the documentary, We Shall Remain: Trail of Tears. While watching the film, students should complete the questions on the viewing worksheet and submit their responses to Canvas. Students can access the video through the video link in the “Week Three” module in Canvas and watch from 18:50 to 1:03:15.



Submitting Your Response


Students can submit their completed viewing worksheet in one of two ways.


1. You can download this file and type your responses below the questions on the viewing worksheet. And post the file to Canvas.


2. You can print the viewing worksheet (pages 2 & 3 of this document) and hand-write your responses as you watch the video. Then, take a photo of or scan your worksheet. You can submit the photo or scan to Canvas.



Information to Aid in Student Understanding while Viewing the Film


Students should read section 10.4 of the online textbook before watching the video.


We Shall Remain: Trail of Tears


Describe the Cherokee’s situation







What did Sequoyah do for the Cherokee? What impact did it have on the Cherokee?







Describe John Ross’s constitution. What impact did it have on the Cherokee? How does the state of Georgia react?







What was the response to the Indian Removal Bill? What did Georgia do after the bill passed?







What was the “Blood Law”?






What was the ruling and impact of the Supreme Court case, Worcester v. Georgia? How does Jackson respond to the Court’s ruling?








What is the political reality after the Worcester case?








Describe the two Cherokee factions represented by John Ross and the Ridges (Major Ridge and John Ridge)? What was the Treaty of New Echota?












What happened after the Treaty of New Echota was signed?















Describe the forced removal of the Cherokee?