Trade Agreements


Your  organization, Sustainable Goods, is U.S. based and privately owned.  Sustainable Goods is a big box retailer that specializes in products  which are sustainable. Your organization has been cited by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) as the leading organization for the sales and distribution of sustainable products.You  are the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of the international  branch of the organization. Sustainable Goods is considering which  countries to expand into first. The President of the organization has  tasked you with selecting one developed and one developing country to  expand into as a pilot project.PROMPTBefore  completing this assignment, review the Final Project Document.  Background information found in the Final Project Document applies to  Milestones One through Three. For this milestone, you will analyze the  potential impacts of each of your chosen country’s trade agreements. You  will be responsible for researching each country’s trade agreements  (and/or pending trade agreements) and selecting which ones could have  the greatest potential impact on Sustainable Goods’ decision to conduct  business in that country. This milestone builds on the research you  completed in the Module One Short Paper assignment. Feel free to use  the Research Guide in the library to help you with your project.Tasks:Write a 2-3-page paper addressing the following:

  1. Research  all of the existing, and any pending, trade agreements for each of your  chosen countries. Select the top three trade agreements for each  country that have the greatest impact on Sustainable Goods’ ability to  conduct business in that country.
  2. Analyze  the potential impacts that the three trade agreements you selected will  have on your chosen countries. Also, explain why you did not select  other trade agreements. Justify your analysis.