Thought Responses

 Please respond to each prompt in at least 100 words. These are thought responses and will require no references, just your thoughts on the prompts.  

Prompt 1:

 We can provide a positive writing style at work while identifying logical inconsistencies by being positive and not letting someone’s faults cloud the judgement of our writing. positive writing can help uplift people in the workplace. an appropriate way in which we can use communication skills to accomplish this is by writing positive emails. I use to be in the navy and we wee always taught to write positively and professionally. one of my coworkers tried to mom and pop a situation because they wanted to go home early knowing that they didn’t finish a job correctly. when I talked to the other supervisor about if the job has been completed he said no but my coworker kept telling me that it was complete. I had to write an email, because I was the top supervisor, that explained that to please communicate with their immediate supervisor before asking me to go home. I always talk with the immediate supervisors to ensure everything is done for the day. if they say it is done they can let their guys go for that day. I usually kept the other supervisors around to check the if the work has been finished and if it is not finished they know that they would have to complete the work before they go home. they went to their supervisor, completed the work, then their supervisor eventually came to me to ask if there was anything else they needed to do for that day. there was nothing else so they were still able to go home early. 

Prompt 2:

We can apply a positive writing style while identifying logical inconsistencies by being courteous, respectful and positive. When writing an email you want to make sure that you are courteous and friendly while being humble and confident. If you are addressing an issue you want to make sure you find solutions and use the words “we”,”us”, and “team”. Never be negative and try to use constructive criticism. With my former employer, my boss would always use caps as if she was shouting at us. When we wouldn’t meet our quarterly goals, she would create emails and directly call each of us out and state how we did not contribute to the success of the unit. Eventually she was let go for her unprofessionalism. When our new supervisor took over it was like a breath of fresh air. He would send us encouraging emails daily and when we didn’t meet goals he would have staff meetings to discuss what we needed to insure success.

An example of an appropriate way in which we can use positive writing styles at work is by creating a strong opening and choosing positive words. When you learn to develop effective writing skills it can make communication positive and bring results.