1. Collaboration in a business environment is a best practice that leverages the collective knowledge of the team assembled. Peer evaluation and support, provided in the spirit of continuous improvement and organizational success, result in higher quality deliverables than generally possible by the efforts of an individual. Please describe the process you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the Comprehensive Project due in Unit 5 and present a preliminary outline indicating how you intend to organize the project deliverable. My outline I have so far has been structured as the following: Subjects for the paper: Richard Branson – Virgin Mobile, Bill Gates – Microsoft, Donald Trump – Trump Enterprises and POTUS. Research findings are being conducted using library resources both online and in person at my local library, as well as Google searches, and reputable news sources and magazines. I am using the vast knowledge I have been accumulating to narrow down the scope of my research paper and have specific points of interest for each business leader.
  2. Please review the process and outlines of other students, providing an objective assessment and constructive feedback that will help strengthen the effectiveness of their efforts and the quality of the finished product. My constructive feedback will accompany each post I make for each fellow student.
  3. What is the role of relationship development and management in effective leadership, and how are these concepts used in improving leadership effectiveness? Developing relationships is a tricky business in these ever changing times. There is a fine line between maintaining a professional relationship and crossing into a personal relationship with employees, colleagues, and associates. Using techniques learned both in the classroom environment and in the professional environment from previous work experience, one can develop a rapport or at least a purely professional relationship with one’s subordinates and peers.
  4. When and why should participation be used to improve leadership effectiveness? Participation is always important to a varying degree, depending on the situation. Showing someone how a position works is helpful, but doing it for them is not. There is a fine line between leadership and management. Leadership leads by example, management is more about delegation and not being quite so hands on, at least from my personal experience over the span of my professional life.