1The world of marketing has changed ever since the introduction of online media, one of

the greatest aspects of online media is that it provides a 2 way communication platform/channel

between customers and companies. Online resources have allowed companies to interact and

create unique experiences which foster intimate relationships with their customers where they are

able to use these 2 way communications to deliver offerings that satisfy their needs.

UAE citizens are known to be one of the leading countries in internet penetration where

92% of its population has access to the internet.

This great degree of connectivity to the internet

show the importance of online resources when

marketing in countries such as the UAE because

of the huge exposure and awareness potential

(“UAE Internet Social & Mobile Statistics 2015

Infographics, 2016).

The market for luxury products and

brands has been growing In the UAE over the

past few years. This steady increase in the need

for luxury brands within the UAE has resulted

into the introduction of various luxury brands and

services over the years. One of the indications of

this growth is the opening of ‘Tryano’ which is a

UAE based luxury retail store that has become a

destination for all the buyers of luxury brands in

the UAE because of its huge collection of top

luxury brand offerings.

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The objective of this project is to analyze the impact and effectiveness of online resources

such as brand websites, social media and other online tools on a Luxury brand DNA, the project

will also help us monitor the effectiveness of transfer of DNA through these online resource.

There are certain factors that can possibly have an impact on the transfer of brand DNA and the

Brand DNA itself, transfer of brand DNA is the essence of any successful luxury brand where it

is important to monitor the different factors and their effectiveness in transferring luxury brand

DNA to the target market.

Our focus is to analyze all the factors related to online resources such as website, social

media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+….) in order to measure the effectiveness of these

resources within the luxury brand industry. To clarify, we basically want to identify whether

each brand has its DNA flowing their internet media tools.

Information needs

We need to first research our target market because it is important for us to know who

our target are and what type of online tools they use. Furthermore, we need to gather data on

several online metrics such as Brand search volume, Lead growth, Brand sentiment and inbound

links in order to analyze the strength and weaknesses of each luxury brand. By combining these

data with our factors, we will be able to discover which factors have the greatest impact on

luxury brand DNA and the transfer of these DNA.

Brief History of the Brands

Dior 2Dior was established on 16th of December 1946 by designer Christian Dior in a private

house at 30 Avenue Montaigne, Paris. Christian Dior was backed by Marecel Boussac to

establish his own couture house. Today the

company designs and sells leather products,

fashion accessories, footwear, jewelry,

fragrance, cosmetics, skincare products, and

ready-to-wear products while remaining firm in

their tradition of creating recognized haute-

couture(Senft, 2011). Their first spring/summer

collection was launched in 1947 at their

headquarter salon. In 1957, Christian Dior succumbed to a heart attack and died in Italy. After

his death, Yves Saint Laurent who was his assistant took over as the artistic director of the

company (Senft, 2011).

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Christofle was founded in 1820 by Charles

Christofle who was a jewelry manufacturer by trade

working at his small family business. Christofle is

known for their luxury table service products

including the traditional silverware lines. They are

manufacturers of luxurious silver flatware, home

accessories and jewelry. Presently, Christofle is still

owned and managed by t3he founded family and is represented currently by Maurizio Borletti.(, 2016). Until 1998, Christofle

was publicly traded at the New York Stock

exchange before Borletti along with others

decided on taking the firm private. They

manufacture their products in France and Brazil

and are sold worldwide through 400 department

stores, specialty shops and 75 Pavilion

Christofle re4tail shops (“History of Christofle

SA – FundingUniverse”, 2016).

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5The historical backdrop of Chaumet has been laced with the History of France right

from its establishment in 1780, in Paris and was

founded by Marie-Étienne Nitot. The Maison

rapidly turned into the official jeweler to Empress

Josephine. The High Jewelry savoir-faire of the

Maison has been gone down through eras of

goldsmiths for a long time. Made at the very heart

of the spot Vendôme, the adornments and

watchmaking manifestations mirror these

outstanding aptitudes and pay tribute to the

Parisian style. Chaumet is not only present in more than 80 boutiques throughout the world’s

main capital cities like Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow, but also through a

vast network of approved retailers, that is about 450 points of sales. As of now, the company is

owned by the LVMH group (Maison Chaumet, 2016).

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Main Product Offerings

6Dior offers a variety of product lines from women’s fashion, men’s fashion, kid’s

fashion, which is known by “Baby

Dior”, to fragrances, make up, skin

care, and accessories. The women’s

fashion line consists mainly of bags,

shoes, and clothes. When it comes to

their bags, they have a wide selection of

styles that range from classical to

seasonal. For an example, their most

classic and iconic bag which is named after Lady Diana, the “Lady Dior”, and their more

seasonal bags such as Diorissimo, Diorama and much more. These bags differ in colors and

textures with each season, whether it is spring, winter, summer or fall. Some of the collections

feature exotic pieces such as, patent alligator, python and lizard leather, which are substantially

more expensive and valuable than the smooth leather they use(,2016).. Moreover, their

shoe collection consists of pumps, boots & ankle boots, sandals, and sneakers, where the colors

also vary from season to season. Just like their bags, the shoes range from classical to seasonal;

the classical featuring plain colors and their iconic crisscrossed pattern, and their seasonal pieces

that have more creative ideas and styles(,2016).. Furthermore, the clothes collection are

categorized into two sections, the first being haute couture and the second ready to wear. Moving

on to the men’s line, the line includes clothes and shoes. They also make customized suits, just

like they do for the haute couture clients. Another line that Dior offers is Baby Dior, this line is

consisted of clothes, shoes, and accessories for children and newborns. In addition, Dior offers a

variety of fragrances for men and women. One of their widely known fragrances is Miss Dior,

which was named after Christian Dior’s sister because of how much he adored her


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7 Chaumet offers jewelry and

watches that are French made. The

jewelry is categorized into different

collections, where each collection

symbolizes a different scenario. This

can be seen in The Liens collection,

where “lien” translates into the link,

which is the connection between

two things. This collection symbolizes the attachment of two pairs, and bringing their destinies

closer through a cross that represents the collection. Another collection, which is the Joséphine,

expresses grace and elegance. The ostentatious stones it features differentiates this collection

(, 2016). Furthermore, the Hortensia or the Jardins collection targets women who

are passionate about flowers. They do that by providing floral jewels with colors as soft as the

flowers. Each of Chaumets collections

consists of rings, necklaces, head

ornaments, and bracelets. The brand also

offers a bridal collection, which includes

engagement rings, bridal sets, and men’s

wedding bands. Finally, Chaumet is known

for its exceptional watches, which are 8categorized into women’s watches, men’s

watches, steel watches, and gold or

platinum watches (, 2016).

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9 10 Christofle is a brand that provides home

necessities, fine silver products, and jewelery. It

is most known for the flatware it offers that

includes chopsticks, cutleries, for both casual

occasions, and expensive pieces for fancy

occasions. These flatwares differ from

collection to collection, where each collection

features a different pattern and style. In addition to that, it provides a variety of tableware that

consists of coffee and tea sets, creamers, and sugar bowls. It also provides sets for sauces and

spices, such as salt and pepper shakers (,2016). In addition to that, it provides

crystal tableware sets such as crystal water glasses and ice containers. Moreover, the brand offers

a variety of products for babies and children, which include small cutleries, babies’ cups, and

picture frames. Furthermore, Christofle offers jewelry for both men and women, the women

jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. The men’s jewelry consists of cufflinks

and money clips (, 2016). Finally, Christofle offers pieces for home décor, such as

chairs, tables, candelabra, and sculptures, where

the pieces are categorized into designer collections

and heritage collections. Luxury homewear is a

whole industry on its own, which means Christofle

is not the only brand offering these products

(, 2016).

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Defining Luxury Brand DNA and Factors Driving Luxury Brand DNA

Luxury Brand DNA is the essence of a luxury brand. For any successful luxury brand, a strong

brand DNA is behind it. It is vital for any luxury brand to have its creator’s vision intact because

it is what the luxury brand represents.

In order to identify key traits we analyzed several sources which are “The Management of

Luxury: A Practitioner’s Handbook” by Benjamin Berghaus (2014), “The DNA of Luxury” by

Diaz (2015), “Enough to say Dior” by Esterhazy (2013), “Luxury Marketing: Critical evaluation

of Chanel &Hermès.” By Melis Yurtbay, and “Christian Dior Couture” by Toledano .By using

these sources we were able to identify several traits that define a luxury brand DNA:


In Luxury brands, hedonism far exceeds the functional utility. Luxury brands gives

buyers sensory pleasure and aesthetic beauty. Luxury brand focuses extensively on individual

pleasure seekers.


There should be limited accessibility to luxury brands. Distribution should be tightly

controlled. The actual know-how, raw materials, and manufacturing process should be

controlled. .

Exclusive experience

The in-store experience should be multi-sensory by granting consumers the opportunity

to observe and feel different luxury products.

Social Marker

Luxury brands represents the social elevation of luxury buyers. Luxury creates social

stratification by adding a sense of belonging or being part of a social class within the special

luxury group. The concept of luxury changes the way that a luxury buyer perceives himself or



Luxury brands create a dream for luxury buyers.


True luxury brands never compare themselves to other luxury brands. Luxury brands

have to be superlative, not comparative.


The history and the myths. The heritage and the story behind luxury brand. The heritage

gives each luxury brand its own culture which is reflected in all of its products and services.

Therefore, Luxury brands trace their origins into all of their activities.


Luxury brands focus on uniqueness, originality, and creativity by adopting a significant

competitive advantage.


Luxury brands make it difficult for buyers to purchase luxury products. The desire

towards a luxury brand increases with greater inaccessibility. Luxury brands have to include

necessary challenges to this desire to make luxury buyers should appreciate the luxurious

products. They can add obstacles to logistics by making it difficult to find the shop. Also, they

can prolong the manufacturing process of a customized luxury product so that the desire in

consumers increases while waiting impatiently to claim their final customized product.


Luxury brands must have the best materials and technology. A luxury product is not

likely at all to be thrown out. Luxury buyers significantly value their luxury products and thus

they will repair them. Luxury buyers are certain that their products are always available to serve

their needs. Luxury brands have to be qualitative by using materials with quality to keep it



The brand focuses massively on style and fashion. At the same time, the brand has a

unique, classic factor to it. A luxury brand is designed to be perfect and pleasing to one’s senses.


Luxury brands offer products and services that are meaningfully unique and different

from other luxury brands. Luxury brands offer different things that are unusual or unexpected to

keep the brand extraordinary.


Luxury brands should not aim at following and staying up-to-date with the fashion trends.

A luxury product should be a durable product that will remain as significant as it is even in the


Way of Life

A luxury products represents the life that a luxury buyer wants to live.


The more difficult it is to own a luxurious product, the more valuable it becomes in the

minds of consumers.


The heritage and country of origin determines the legitimacy. Also, the luxury brand

owns part of the culture of the country from which the brand was primarily founded.

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Information needs
  • Brief History of the Brands
    • Dior
    • Christofle
    • Chaumet
  • Main Product Offerings
  • Defining Luxury Brand DNA and Factors Driving Luxury Brand DNA
    • Hedonism
    • Rarity
    • Exclusive experience
    • Social Marker
    • Dream
    • Luxury brands create a dream for luxury buyers.
    • Superlative
    • True luxury brands never compare themselves to other luxury brands. Luxury brands have to be superlative, not comparative.
    • History
    • Innovation
    • Unattainable
    • Quality
    • Aesthetics
    • Extraordinary
    • Timelessness
    • Way of Life
    • Exclusivity
    • Provenance
  • Online Factors of Brand DNA:
  • What is Transfer of Brand DNA?
  • Description of Target Customer
  • Methodology
    • Observations (DNA Factors and it’s transfer)
  • Results and Analysis of Results
    • Observation Results and Answers
      • Dior’s DNA factors Analysis – “Is it Dior?”
      • Chaumet’s DNA factors Analysis – “Is it Chaumet?”
      • Christofle’s DNA factors Analysis – “Is it Christofle?”
    • Survey Results and Analysis
    • 1 on 1 discussions and considerations
      • Dior:
      • Chaumet:
      • Christofle:
  • Conclusion and Future Directions of the brand
  • Reference List:
  • Appendix
    • Interview 1
    • Interview 2
    • Interview 3
    • Interview 4
    • Interview 5
    • Interview 6