Canfor The solid reputation of your consulting firm is paying off.  An important client, Canfor has asked your firm to undertake a McKinsey style (sequential) value chain analysis that highlights the flow of activities in the breakfast cereal industry.Please identify the key activities (minimum of eight) and offer a very brief description of each. Identify where your company fits on the value chain, and where its major competitors fit.  Also please identify some of the other companies (suppliers, customers, etc.) that participate in activities in the value chain. 

For this one, please write about 3/4 page long with single space and 11pt times new romance. 

the other one is to do two parts for a case analysis, no more than 3/4 page, and use 12pt times new romance with double space. 

the twpo parts are: 

Analysis(use SWOT)

Decision Criteria; what the organization should consider before making a decision

here are some tips for the decision criteria

Qualitative: competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, employee morale, corporate image, ease of implementation, synergy, ethics, visibility, safety, visual appeal, obsolescence, cultural sensitivity, motivation, goodwill, environmental  impact, flexibility, within present resources and capabilities, consistent with corporate strategy , successful, efficient, new, coherent.

Quantitative: profit, cost, return on investment, market share, capacity, delivery time, risk, cash flow, inventory turnover, productivity, staff turnover, quality, growth rate quantity

Key decision criteria should be:

·   Important to the organization making the decision

·       Brief, preferably in point form

·       Measurable, at least to the point of comparison, such as alternative A will reduce expenses more that alternative B

·   Be related to the issue  and alternatives