The Health Belief Model And Smoking Cessation Behaviours

What is the health belief model (HBM)? Explain the theory clearly, summarize the relevant research on that theory, summarize the research on your health behaviour topic (Smoking cessation and its effect on wellbeing), then discuss how the health belief model can be applied to smoking cessation and adherence to interventions.

Health Behaviour Change Theory Paper – Grading Rubric Content 7 – Understanding of theory is communicated clearly and thoroughly – Health topic is defined/explained – Health topic is connected to theory – Relevant research and examples are used to communicate findings – Thorough discussion of how theory applies to the topic, with illustrative examples – References are cited in APA format – Brief mention of flaws or critique of theory and/or comparison to other theories

(must be concise and only if other content covered)

Organization 7 – Introductory sentences/paragraph(s) clearly articulate what paper will be about – Theory is introduced early with explanation and appropriate references to set

foundation for further discussion of relevant research

– Theory and terms are defined and explained before applying them – Coherence in structure (organization is logical and ordered thoughtfully; research

is synthesized and not choppy or list-like)

– Writing is coherent and connects health topic with literature and theory in orderly flow, and easy to follow logic


Language & Style Use 6 – Title, identifying info is complete, correctly formatted – References structured and formatted in APA – Foundational article included and cited accurately – Minimum of 12 additional empirical (not review) articles (mostly recent) – Appropriate font, margins, spacing etc. – Sentence structure promotes flow and ease of reading – Writing is appropriate academic style (i.e., no slang, no jargon or undefined terms,

no contractions)

– All research is appropriately referenced with use of proper in-text citations and paraphrased (no quotes)


– Appropriate length; focussed and written concisely to cover all content (no rambling or ‘empty’ wording/phrases)