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The company I chose was “ABC MOUSE”

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The Distribution & Marketing Plan Template 

Using this Template (attached below), provide your ideas and research for the distribution strategies you will recommend for the logistical movement and delivery of the product to targeted users in a niche market.  You should research similar products to determine what other self-distributors are doing to deliver their product to a niche market. 

The template is just a guide for organizing your paper with headings and subheadings.   Retype and duplicate the headings and sub-headings.  Everything else is your original content. 

Do not include any of the instructor’s comments in blue in the Template when submitting this assignment.  Reproduction of anything other than the headings and sub-headings from the template will cause a deduction in points for your assignment. 

Use the Budget portion of the template to organize your distribution and marketing expenses.  List each item you plan to spend money on, the frequency with which you will use it, and the cost for your company’s first year.    

All of the tools and tactics found in the written section of the plan must match the dollars that are allocated to them in the Budget Worksheet.   

Do not include any costs in the budget that are not directly related to specific distributing (selling) and marketing (building awareness) strategies proposed for the product.  

Costs should be realistic for what you are trying to accomplish.  Remember you are working with a micro budget of $1500 for the entirety of the one-year plan. So, for example, World Tours and World Premieres are out. This budget will barely afford more than a local venue or two to showcase your product. 

The best way to tackle the Sales Projections and Budget is to create them in Excel, using formulas in Excel, and then copy and paste the spreadsheet into your Word document based on the sample provided. 

It should take you a few seconds to set up these spreadsheets and type in the column headings from the template.  All of the line items are custom to your project and should be revised by you to fit your project.