This assignment is only the outline, but there will have a paper related with this outline later. If the outline approved by the professor, I will asked you to help me with the paper.  

The artist I would like to choose is Robert Ryman, a Minimalist artist.

The thesis should be arguable, and could not be asked for every artist and artwork.

An outline is the the plan for the paper. At a minimum it should include:

1. The title and subject, the artist I would like to choose is Robert Ryman.

2. The introduction of the thesis.

The thesis statement should be arguable and could not be asked about all artists and artwork. I want to focus on Robert Ryman’s use of abstraction.

3. The body of your paper and what/how you plan on proving your thesis. (This should be a general lay-out of the paper and the main points that you will be making.) You can not just put the analysis of 3 paintings as that is a requirement.

4. Conclusion

Please also have at least 2 of your resources listed. (writing resources or visual resources) MLA format please.

At least 1 page (single space)

Please see link for format and examples. you do not have to follow the format strictly but this is a general recommendation.

Reminder your thesis statement should be an arguable statement, not just a fact. If you have never written an analytical paper then I suggest that you read a little about how to write a good thesis for them. Here are 2 links:

Remember you are writing about how the artist did something or why they did something.