Term Project

Term Project

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I. General Instructions:

1. Each group must select an MNE from the Fortune 500 list, but NOT one that is in the top 100. Make sure that your company has overseas operations.

2. Prepare a 2-3 page single-spaced narrative report as detailed in Section II. The page count excludes the cover page, reference list, pictures, and graphs.

II. Report Content:

1. Company Overview:

a. Provide an overview of the company’s history

b. Provide an overview its product(s)

2. Chapter 1:

a. What was(were) the company’s motivation(s) to internationalize (i.e., traditional or emerging)?

b. What market entry method did it use?

c. How would you classify the company’s evolutionary stage of internationalization (i.e., its mentality)? Why?

3. Chapters 2 and 3:

Of the types of industries described in Chapter 2 (i.e., global, international, multinational, transnational), which would you say best describes the company? Why? Be sure to use the types of strategies described in Chapter 3 to support your answer.

4. Chapter 4:

What type of organizational model (i.e., Centralized Hub, Coordinated Federation, and/or Decentralized Federation) would you say is used by the company? Why?

5. Chapter 5:

What type of innovation model (i.e., center-for-global, local-for-local, locally-leveraged, or globally linked) would you say is used by the company? Why?

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6. Chapter 6:

Briefly describe any strategic alliances if applicable. Would you consider them to be “traditional” alliances, or are they “modern forms” of alliances? Why?

7. Chapter 7:

Using the categories discussed in Chapter 7 (i.e., global business manager, worldwide functional manager, geographic subsidiary manager), classify the key management personnel in the organization.

8. Chapter 8:

Describe the company’s relationship with outside entities such as NGOs, host governments, etc. How would you classify these relationships, according to the categories covered in Chapter 8 (i.e., Exploitative, Transactional, Responsive Transformative)? Cite examples.

III. Research/Sources:

Although not the norm for conducting research, you are to use only Internet sources, along with the notes and the textbook. All websites used MUST be in English and MUST be those of reputable organizations and companies.

HINT: After going to the Fortune website, a good place to continue your search is your company’s website. Also, use the textbook as a source.

IV. Report Format:

1. The report must be written using full sentences. ABSOLUTELY NO BULLETS!!!! Points will be deducted if bullets or a bulleted-list format is used.

2. The report must be single-spaced, using a Times New Roman, 12-point font.

3. Be sure to include a title page, listing the names of each group member, along with the name of the company being analyzed.

4. Be sure to cite your sources (in-text) and in a reference list, preferably using APA format.