SWOT Analysis

Continue research on your organization approved in Week 1 and write a situational analysis. This situational analysis should include a substantive discussion of the organization via the four SWOT categories—the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses and external (market or environmental) opportunities and threats. Be sure that you explain each item in your SWOT and justify its identification as a strength, weakness, opportunity, or threat.

You should also prepare a statement that discusses the ethical implications of pursuing a social responsibility program. Any program that you implement will redirect resources toward the social cause and away from your stockholders and stakeholders. Is this ethical?

In a 2- to 3-page Microsoft Word document, submit the following:

  • Create and discuss your company’s SWOT analysis. Justify each item in your analysis.
  • Discuss the ethical implications of pursuing a social responsibility program in terms of your stockholders and stakeholders. What is the personal framework you are using to make these ethical decisions for your company?

Company – WAL-MART

APA FORMAT  2- 3 pgs