Sustainable Leadership Power

Leaders command significant power to enable team performance. Using one or more of the teams that you identified in week 1, write a reflection concerning the powers of effective leaders of teams. With approval of the instructor early in the week, you may select a different team that provided you with more extensive, actual, team experience. While writing your reflection, answer the following questions:

  • Who gets to define the leaders in the group?
  • How do you explain the usage of power in terms of task completion and resource allocation?
  • How do people in an authoritative position use their power? Is it ethical? What is the impact of authoritative power on team members?
  • How does the team define power, and what is easily accepted by the team?
  • What influential powers do you possess within your team?
  • To what extent do you exert your power? You may possess different types of power in different situations. While having the power, you always have a choice of when to use it. Define your thought process in using power to obtain a desired outcome.

Research the South University Online Library and the Internet on the various uses of power by effective leaders.

Name your file: SU_LEA5130_W4_ LastName_FirstInitial.doc.