Supply Chin Management

Research the primary quality organizations and certifications in the United States.  Include the following in your research:

· ASQ    

· APICS    

· ISO    

· Baldrige   

· SQA    


Write a paper summarizing the key characteristics of each of the above listed organizations.  Include in your discussion:

· A history of the organization

· The primary purpose and target audience of the organization

· Outline any membership requirements and benefits

· How has the organization contributed to the quality movement

· Examine advantages and disadvantages of each organization

Writing Requirements (APA format)

· 3-5 pages (approx. 300 words per page), not including title page or references page

· 1-inch margins

· Double spaced

· 12-point Times New Roman font

· Title page with topic and name of student

· References page (minimum of 2 resources