In need of a two paragraph summary of the case study shown below.

Sam was well-prepared to close the deal with the executive team from Japan who represented a large company interested using Sam’s company as a supplier. Sam had worked long and hard on his PowerPoint presentation, and was anxious to make a good impression. As they entered the conference room, each Japanese executive handed Sam a business card held in both hands with a slight bow. Sam took out three of his own cards and handed them to one of the executives while starting up the PowerPoint. During the presentation, Sam was getting good vibes as the executives continuously nodded their heads in agreement with Sam’s presentation on the quality and technology his company could offer. At the end of the presentation, the executives asked Sam if he would join them for drinks. But Sam, who didn’t drink alcohol, declined. As they bowed and left, Sam felt like he had earned the respect of three international businessmen, and was confident he had closed the deal. 

The next morning Sam was called into the company president’s office. Sam was surprised when the president cleared his throat and said, “I don’t know what happened during your meeting with the Japanese executives but the deal is off. They are flying back to Japan tonight and said they would look for another supplier.”