Below you will find a list of essays. These essays cover a wide variety of disciplines, and will serve as a spring board to my research this quarter. Your job is to pick ONE essay, read it, and compose a brief (no more than one page) academic summary. In the summary, I MUST give the title of the article, and the author’s name. I may comment on their credentials if you would like, but it is not required. Some other aspects you can comment on include:

-The rhetorical situation

-The article’s claims

Keep in mind that this article summary will be the foundation of my research 

through the quarter, so be sure you pick an article that interests you. Some other 

guidelines to keep in mind:

-Do not give your personal opinion (no “I” in this paper)

-Use good transitions as you move from point to point

-Be sure your final sentence brings closure to the summary.

-Use 12 point font, typed and double spaced.

the topic of them are  “Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid”, “Post-Princess Models of Gender: The New Man in Disney/Pixar?, “The Myth of Race”, “Gender and Geometry” , “The Politics of the Natural in U.S. History and Popular Culture”, and “No Logo”. I need to write a  summary  about one of these topics. I also want to let you know that, later on i will write a research paper 

I have access to all these topics.