Summaries Of Current Business News Articles Fallo The MEMO FORMAT ON ATTACHMENT EXAMPLE

summaries of current business news articles. Students should be prepared to not only turn-in their “Business Brief” but also be prepared to report out to the class on their particular article should they be called upon.

Briefs will come from one of each of the following journals: 1-Business Week, 2-Forbes, 3-Fortune, 4-Harvard Business Review, . 

Using the memo format that attached below 

NOTE: Letters to the Editor, Views, Book, Product, or Movie Reviews, Corrections, and Opinion pieces are not acceptable for this assignment. You are expected to select, read, and comment on an article of substance.

Provide a brief summary (in your own words – not those of the author or publication) of the article.

After thinking critically about the article, discuss its impact on you as a consumer and / or as a business person.

This is example of the assinmgint


To: Introductory Business Seminar Students


Date: January 12, 2015



This article indicates that the “Dollar Stores”, (Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Dollar Tree), are all experiencing sales growth while stores like Wal Mart have been seeing declining traffic and sales. The authors attribute “Dollar Store” success to several factors including:

· Location – Stores are generally placed in lower income neighborhoods

· Gas Prices – With higher gas prices, people stay closer to home to shop

· Variety – These stores are now stocking a wide variety of name brand products


· As a consumer, I’m all about saving money wherever I can.

· Until reading this article, I thought “Dollar Stores” only carried cheap, low quality merchandise.

· Knowing these stores now carry a wide variety of private label as well as name brand merchandise, I’m motivated to check them out.

· Hopefully, I’ll find these stores provide greater value for me and my family.