Study On The Process Management In The Supply Chain Of The Company And How Effective Process Management Can Help In Company Overall Operations And Profitability.

PURPOSE: The purpose of this project is to describe and analyze supply chain management practices of a selected company for the topic below. The project provides the students with an opportunity to link theoretical aspects of the course with real-world situations and to learn the challenges faced by companies in the application of the principles of supply chain management.


·  Select any company of your choice as long as you can gather sufficient information to provide a good analysis of the company’s supply chain practices in Study on the process management in the supply chain of the company and how effective process management can help in company overall operations and profitability

 The selected company is preferred to be a significant international company working in Saudi Arabia or abroad ( the company could be Saudi or Non-Saudi).

10 slide powerpoint 

company like SABIC or ALmarai or big international company work in Saudi Arabia