Stress And Sexual Minorties profile

Help!!develop a brochure for families composed sexual minorities who may or may not be economically disadvantaged. The purpose of the brochure is to inform them of specific sources of stress that they might experience. For example, in their article, Hicken, Lee, Morenoff, House, and Williams (2014) review race-based social stressors such as perceived discrimination and the stress of wanting to outperform negative expectations of one’s racial/ethnic group.

You will need to clearly select a specific group; in your brochure, you will need to define that group. Next, you must discuss both the stresses they might experience and the sources of those stressors. You can then provide them with some coping strategies to use including mindfulness. Please remember that you are expected to document all your statements even though a conclusion might seem intuitive. I need six columns and tasteful graphics