Statement Of Purpose

I am applying for a PhD in Management. The admission ask for a statement of Purpose. The statement of purpose is a required essay which is usually 1-2 pages in length.  It serves as my opportunity to describe my background, my reasons for wanting to attend a certain program, and what my goals post-graduation may be. Also, it must be include what my research interests and which faculty members that I believe compatible with my goals and Interests ( For this point you can mention Professor Ronald Dulek, you can visit My interest research is Business strategy.

I attached my resume and personal statement, that you can use the information from them. 

Please keep in mind  that I am apply for PhD in Management ( University of Alabama ). The Statement of Purpose must be in high quality in order to get accepted for Fall 2018.  

My Name is Salem Al Marri. I am originally from Saudi Arabia and I have been working for many years to reach these levels of higher education to finally be able to obtain my doctorate. In 2008, my wife and I were presented with the opportunity to move to the U.S. on a full scholarship from the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission (SACM). We first lived in Tampa, FL where I earned my Bachelor’s degree from University of Tampa in major of International Business and Management, and then we moved to Miami, FL where I earned my Master’s degree from Florida International University in major of International Business with a GPA 3.64 out of 4.00. During this time, my first daughter was born which has been an incredible drive and personal motivation for me to persevere this far in my studies and career. This motivation has definitely helped us overcome the challenges of studying away from home in a country where we were not familiar with the culture, customs and language. Overall, however, it has been an incredible learning experience that we both feel has made us well-rounded individuals, better equipped to face all of our future career goals.

One of the challenges that I faced, while on the final semester, I was asked by my professor of the Master Project class to be the team leader for my group. This was one of the confidence of the professor in my work. The former leader did not succeed in presenting the first report of this task, which made the College of Business Committee to hold a meeting to nomination one student to be the leader and can complete this project. In fact, there was not enough time, since in the last two months ended without useful work with the former leader. It was a real challenge since I have to correct all previous errors and complete the remainder of the project. The final semester was a full of challenge and effort. In the end of the project, the college of business and my professor are proud of my work, my team and I received an A in the final grade. I have been honored by the Business School and have given me a recommendation. Right now, I am taking a GRE course and the course will be end on July of this year. After the course, I will take the GRE test and am sure my score will be satisfactory.

After obtaining my doctorate, I plan to move back home and become a doctor in King Faisal University, department of Business administration.

Enclosed you will find my resume for more of a detailed look into my background.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration. If there is anything else that you need from me, please let me know. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,

Salem Al Marri