Sports Facilities

How Has the Sports Facilities & Public Events Changed Since The Invasion of COVID-19?

Instructions: Create a 16 Slide PowerPoint (Title Page (Slide 1) & Ending (WOW-Page) Slide-16) WOW Page is an image or slogan that describes/represents your topic.

Slides 2-15: Listed below are required components students must addressed in the PowerPoint. Some components could be explained in 1-2 slides. Students are required to developed additional 8 components that are relatable to the topic.

Each component must have three (3) bullet points in complete sentences or statements.

·  Detrimental Effects: List and briefly explain the negative effects sports facilities and public events have experienced.  

·  Recovery Process: How will the facilities and events (bounce back) from this tragedy?

·  Ticket Holders: How should the (ticket) holders be accommodated due to this unfortunate situation?

·  Positiveness:  Explain some of the positive effects of this situation.

·  Opportunities: Thinks of some possible opportunities that could transpires from this occurrence.

·  Student Video: Slide 15: Include a 1-2 minutes video describing how COVID-19 has affected your sport profession.

PowerPoint Format:

o  Well-Designed (No White Backgrounds)o  Appropriate Imageso  Writing Font Size: 12-14/Titles Font Size: Any size of your choice