Sports Ethics

Please type using APA style. Cite and reference appropriately.  Answers to each question should be 300-400 words  – Please make sure you cite your text

  1. Please talk to a professional or a professor associated with your major and identify an ethical dilemma from your field and examine from all 3 ethical theories (deontological, teleological, and existential). Identify a dilemma that you have or could experience yourself. Be sure to refer to the definition of a dilemma distributed earlier and clearly state your ethical issue as a dilemma. Make sure you use the definition of an ethical dilemma distributed and discussed in class.
  2. Please describe the norms and values associated with your field of study/major and how you have or will be socialized into this field.
  3. Please take time to observe children playing in both a formal adult controlled (youth sport) setting and an informal player controlled (playground/pickup game) setting. Compare and contrast to Coakley’s characteristics associated with each setting.
  4. Please watch a contact sport (football, hockey, boxing, ultimate fighting) this weekend and chart the incidence of violent acts using Coakley’s four categories of violence identified in the text. Create a chart identifying and classifying the types of violence AND discuss the implications of your observations in the context of the recent concussion debate surrounding Power and Performances sports.  
  5. Please identify an activity generally considered masculine or feminine and spend time in the social world opposite that of your sex (i.e. Women spend time in a masculine environment and men spend time in a feminine environment). Please discuss in terms of cultural boundaries and orthodox gender ideology.