Speech Zoz 3rd Pr Outline

Persuasion Speech Template


Topic: Be positive

Specific Purpose:

Central Idea:

I. Introduction

A. (Attention grabber)

B. (Relate to audience/Establish Credibility)

C. (Preview the speech)

II. The need

A. (Establish the need with description of problem)

B. (Show extent of the problem statistics, effects, testimony, examples)

III. Satisfaction (solution(s) to satisfy the need)

A. Description of the solution

B. How solution can be realistically implemented

C. Plan to implement solution

IV. Visualization

A. Describe the benefits if solution is implemented

B. Describe consequences if solution is not implemented

V. Conclusion

A. Signal conclusion (“In conclusion” or “Let me conclude by saying. . .”)

B. Summarize problem and solution

C. Final appeal to audience to take action


At least 2 sources properly cited