Short Notice Homeowork

A requirement of the poetry project is to post at least 2 different posts on two different days (one in September and one in October) about your chosen disorder under the Poetry Posts page. In your first post, you should discuss the following questions

(1) Why this disorder is of interest to you? Perhaps you have a personal struggle or you know someone close to you who struggles with this condition. Alternatively, perhaps you just want to know more about it. Whatever the reason, be compelling.

(2) What do you currently know about your chosen mental disorder?

(3) Do you hold any pre-existing ideas about individuals who struggle with your disorder? (For example, people who struggle with anxiety are often told by others that they should “just stop worrying.” Therefore, many people believe that emotional states like anxiety and depression are under the control of the individual.

You need to answer these 3 questions in a minimum of 200 words. Please make sure that you separate your answers clearly by question. Your post should be technically proficient (no grammatical and spelling errors).

This assignment is due by the last day in September. Late submissions will not be accepted.